The Empire

Dhs. 1,200.00 AED

Size: XSدليل المقاسات

رمز التخزين التعريفي:
التوفر : في الأوراق المالية بالحجز المسبق إنتهى من المخزن

The Empire dress from the Runway Collection is a stunning piece that embodies grandeur and elegance, perfect for celebrations like Eid, Henna nights, and Ramadan. Crafted from a luxurious fabric with intricate Arabic designs, the dress features a puffy silhouette and a matching belt to enhance its regal charm. The intricate Arabic patterns add a touch of cultural richness and timeless beauty to the dress. The dress's voluminous shape adds a memorable entrance to any event. The matching belt accentuates the waist, adding structure and enhancing the overall ensemble's elegance. The dress's intricate Arabic patterns are meticulously designed, creating a visually stunning and culturally inspired piece. The dress is designed for comfort and style, making it a versatile addition to any festive wardrobe. The Empire dress is perfect for modern women who appreciate cultural elegance and sophisticated style, making it a standout piece for any celebration.

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