Couture 365 Takes Top Influencers, Public and Top Teir Fashion Event Organisers Attention!

Couture 365 Takes Top Influencers, Public and Top Teir Fashion Event Organisers Attention!


In a stunning display of lavishness and sophistication, Couture 365, the epitome of luxury abaya fashion and kaftan, graced series of events starting from Flat 12 by wardrobe exhibitions, Wht Next at Mirdif Avenue Mall, Saray Expo at Wafi City Mall, Waad Exhibition at Abu Dhabi ADNEC Marina Exhibition Hall.

The prominent events provided an excellent platform for our company to showcase its latest collections, captivating the audience with timeless elegance and unique designs.

Events Highlights:

At the heart of the fashion capital of the Mena Region Dubai, Couture 365 captivated fashion enthusiasts and industry insiders alike with a captivating showcase that redefined modest couture. Here are the highlights from our unforgettable events:


Exquisite Collections Unveiled: Our collections came alive with the unveiling of our latest collections, beginning with the Ramadan Collection of Kaftans, followed by the Work Collection, Timeless Collection, Spring Summer Collection, and our most recent addition, the Holiday and Occasion Collection, which features exclusive designs for EID! and features a charming fusion of tradition and modernity. Each beautifully created abaya and kaftan exuded refinement, with intricate embellishments and sumptuous fabrics that captured the essence of our brand.


In a very trendy trunk shop set up, our models have shown the beauty of our collections. We have chosen our models quite carefully featuring different nationalities, beauties and sizes !


Influencer Endorsements and Coverage: Renowned influencers and fashion mavens graced our events, lending their support and admiration to our exquisite collections. Starting from Joori, Mim Design, Fatmaa Hussam, Ayda Lutfi, Fatma Lutfi, Amal Ibrahim, Maitha Al Hashmi, Alyaa and many others !


Couture 365 have featured appearances with glowing endorsements on social media, their presence further underscored the allure and relevance of our brand in the world of haute couture.


Exclusive Footage:

Experience the beauty of our events firsthand with unique footage and anecdotes from industry insiders, influencers, and fashion fans. Immerse yourself in the world of Couture 365, where we redefine luxury abaya and kaftan fashion with elegance, creativity, and timeless beauty.



With each collection, we continue to captivate hearts and minds while recognizing the timeless fascination of modest couture on a global scale. Stay tuned as we set out on a journey of creativity, passion, and unrivalled flair, redefining luxury one stitch at a time.